First, I am a wife and mother of two little ones.  I am an open book and a simple soul. Find me in a thrift shop, wandering the fields on Sauvies island, on the side of the road picking flowers, at home snuggled with my little family, or basically any mexican restaurant in Portland. I feel the need to keep my mind constantly stimulated with new encounters, environments, and tastes. I feel compelled to invest in people and truly find happiness in personal connection.

Photography is not a job for me but an escape into social connections and a passionate art release. I believe each shoot is an total experience for both my subjects and myself. I am an empath and remain human above all else, meaning I want to bond with my subjects on a personal level.





My presence in your intimate moments will be felt, thus I believe in having a consult (facetime) prior to working together is to make sure our vibes align and that we can be the perfect team. I feel that in order to create organic, raw, intimate, portraits, comfort comes first. My shoots are all about reconnecting as partners, tune into each other and out of the world. Just each other and the environment and me.  You should leave my shoots feeling refreshed, renewed, and reconnected.

My shoots are for the adventurous lovers. Anything outdoors will include, dirt, water, hiking, and any other elements mother nature wants to gift us. Road trips are a bonus, your story is a must, lets make magic!